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Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Let's face it, pillows are pretty and can add so much to your décor. It's a simple way to add color and texture without the hard work, without it being permanent and without a headache. The catch to this pillow thing is that you rarely ever need just one or two, it's usually four or more and that can put a real dent in those pockets. My answer to that is pillow covers. And no they're not your great grandma's kind of pillow covers . I usually shop Hobby Lobby when I want to change mine, but you can find them anywhere and usually at a third or at least half the cost of a new pillow depending on the style and brand that you prefer. I personally don't care for things being so matchy matchy poo poo(my word lol) so I keep an open mind when shopping and looking at different prints. So go ahead and try something that you would normally pass up, you just may discover something new about yourself and that's pretty awesome.

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