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Denim is ALWAYS in and if you saw the SS17 collection from Dolce & Gabbana then you know what I mean. I was especially drawn to the bejeweled jeans with appliques and fringe and immediately thought that I could turn them into a DIY project. All I needed was an old pair of jeans (found at goodwill for $3), some gold or silver fringe (found at Joann's), appliques (found randomly on Etsy) and a few brooches (found at Hobby Lobby) and I would be good to go. So I started by ripping the jeans in various places and bleaching them. I let them soak in bleach for about an hour and then washed them. Next, I applied my gold fringe with non other than my handy-dandy hot glue gun (lol). I then ironed on my appliques but if you prefer to sew them on go for it. Lastly, I placed my brooches in random places on the jeans and if I didn't like the placement I just pinned them elsewhere. The total cost of the project was about $70 with the brooches being the most expensive items. You could use more appliques or possibly glitter to add some sparkle but that's the beauty of DIY and fashion...there are no rules!

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